Part 2
         (A/N: Sorry it takes me so long to get stuff on here. I get writer's block and distracted easily.
         Slight language warning. Angsty male thoughts. Slight boyXboy, but nothing bad yet.)

   When Murdoc awoke, it was still dark outside. He tried to fall back asleep, but when he realized he couldn't, he decided to just get up. He stood up too quickly and he nearly blacked out from the rush of blood. He stumbled and smacked his hip into a wooden dresser, letting loose a long string of choice swear words as he rubbed his painful side and shuffled out into the kitchen for a drink. When he got there, he realized he wasn't alone. 2D was standing by the refrigerator in naught but his underwear and socks, drinking out of the milk carton. Murdoc walked up behind him and snatched the carton from his hands, causing him to jump a good foot or two into the air. "Oi! Can't you get a glass like a normal person, Faceache?" Murdoc nearly yelled. 2D turned around, his heart pounding a mile a minute.
   "Don't call me Faceache... You scared the 'ell outta me, Murdoc!!" Murdoc set the carton down on the counter.
   "Use a damn glass then! God, d'you know how unsanitary that is?" 2D cocked his head and gave him a quizzical look.
   "Since when do you care about san-... sani-... being clean?" Murdoc responded by giving 2D a swift punch in the gut, who doubled over.
   "OOF!" The punch had him kneeling on the ground, wind knocked out of him. Seeing 2D look so weak excited Murdoc, but it wasn't the usual pleasure of just seeing the idiot in pain. It was different. It made his own heart race a bit, watching 2D look up at him the way he was. He tried to shake off whatever he was feeling.
   "So what're you doing up? Aren't you busy with Paula?" 2D leaned against the counter, flustered.
   "I-I'm not gonna answer that, Murdoc. Anyways, I came out 'ere for some pain killers. I've go' another migraine." Murdoc then felt a small twang of guilt for hitting him, as he watched him pop the second capsule into his mouth.
   "You'd better not OD, Faceache. I don't want to have to replace you with some other bloke with a decent enough voice." 2D sighed.
   "I won't OD, Murdoc, but 'fanks for caring." 2D said sarcastically. He then grimaced and grabbed his head in pain. Murdoc took a small step towards him.
   "You alright, 2D?" He asked with a tone of concern, which was incredibly rare for him. 2D looked at him, puzzled.
   "Since when d'you care?" He asked, utterly confused. Murdoc cleared his throat and tried to regain his "tough-guy" composure.
   "Can't have my lead vocalist incapacitated, can I?" 2D was still confused.
   "In-... Incapacipitated? The 'ell does that mean?" Murdoc just rolled his eyes at him. He loved when 2D made himself sound dumb, but he didn't really know why.
   "IN-CA-PA-CI-TA-TED, as in you not being able to sing, you sodding idiot," he sighed, "I have got to stop using big words around you." 2D made a small huffy noise from his nose and he moved to leave. Suddenly, his socks slipped on the slick floor and he fell into Murdoc, knocking them both onto the ground. 2D landed on top of him and the impact caused them to bump lips together. 2D's eyes widened and he quickly shuffled back and huddled in the corner between the kitchen counters. Murdoc sat up and wiped off his mouth with his sleeve and glared at 2D, his heart pounded in his chest like a jackhammer.
   "M-Murdoc, I'm sorry," 2D stammered, "I d-didn't mean to do tha'! I' was an accident, I swear!" Murdoc stood up and 2D flinched, expecting to be struck, but he just turned and walked towards his room. "Y-you're not gonna 'it me?" 2D inquired, blatantly confused.
   "Don't ever speak of this. Got it, Faceache?" Murdoc quietly threatened as 2D nodded in silence.
   Murdoc quickly walked into his room and closed his door silently. "What the hell is wrong with me?" He muttered and he sat on the bed. "I can't even hit 2D... Even when we..." His voice trailed off as his eyes widened slightly. "No," he shook his head, "No, I can't... I can't like him. I'm not..." He couldn't say it. He put his head in his hands and exhaled in frustration. He looked up and glanced at the clock on his nightstand. 6:32 AM. 'The sun should be coming up soon,' he thought, 'Might as well stay up.' He flopped backwards on his bed and put an arm over his eyes, and fell asleep, despite his plan to stay awake.

         To be continued in part three!